International Egg Art Guild

IEAG Masters Program

The Masters Program is an exceptional tool offered to any member of the IEAG who is interested in earning progressive certification of egg art expertise. The Masters Program is governed by the Board of the IEAG and administered by the Director of the Masters Program.  It was designed for egg artists with the desire to improve their egging skills by being judged against one set of standards administered as objectively as possible. The goal of the Masters Program is to help improve one’s technique and workmanship; and ultimately become a Master Egg Artist, or even a Grand Master Egg Artist. Used as a learning experience, this program makes you more critical of your own work and compels you to do better. Our aim is to encourage the highest standards of egg artistry in our Guild.

The program divides decorating styles into 12 different categories. An applicant can be certified in one or more of the categories. In each category you can earn certification at three levels; Novice, Intermediate, or Master. Artists earning master level in four separate categories earn the title of Master of Egg Art. Artists attaining master level in all categories earn the title of Grand Master of Egg Art.

All the information you need to guide you in the preparation of your entry can be found in the Masters Program Packet. We wish you much success as you progress through this IEAG Masters Program.

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