International Egg Art Guild

Linda Asbell – Past President and Co-Director Masters Program

LindaAsbellI adore egg art! Although I’ve tried many styles of decorating, beading is my absolute favorite. My mother, Beverly Gaus, taught me to egg and I have been avidly egging since 1990. I was very lucky and had the ideal learning environment because Beverly owned Kaleidoscopes EGGsetera and later bought House of Rachel and combined the two companies to create The Eggery Place.  We worked together running The Eggery Place and The International Egg Art Show in Dallas. I was completely immersed in the egging world and had access to just about any egg supply I could ever need. My daughter, Summer, began making eggs when she was only four years old and thinks traveling to egg shows around the country and going on egging cruises is a completely normal way to grow up. It is truly a wonderful thing to have three generations of eggers gathered around the table working together.

I have served the IEAG in many capacities over the years.  I am honored to have served on the executive boards of four IEAG presidents.  The Masters Program is absolutely a passion of mine, and I strongly believe in it as a tool to benefit egg artists. It is an invaluable source of experience for honing egging skills, and also an encouragement to try new and very different decorating styles. The program was created, and has been very thoughtfully updated, to enhance the learning experience and create the best possible benefit for the artist. I have been a Masters Program Judge since 2000, and served as the director of the program from 2011 through 2013 when I resigned that position to be installed as IEAG president.

Two years go by quickly, but I was thrilled to serve as IEAG President 2013-2015 and I’m looking forward to the continued success of the International Egg Art Guild!