International Egg Art Guild

Leigh Harris – 1st Vice President and Editor, IEAG Magazine

097Leigh grew up in a craft-loving family and is an arts and crafts aficionado. As a student at the University of Texas she became a lapidary, so after graduation she moved to California and earned a Graduate Gemologist degree. She later moved to Houston, Texas and worked as a jewelry appraiser for several years and did lapidary work on the side.

The jewelry appraising became a day job as she began working on her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Upon completion of her Master’s, she went to China on a work study program at a hospital in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is known as the birth place of umbrellas and fans which began her desire to start doing crafts again.

After returning from China, Leigh moved to New Braunfels, Texas. She was contacted by a former acupuncture colleague who said she had an abandoned Easter Duckling at her office pond and asked Leigh if she would take it. That’s how she obtained her first duck, Ming. Later, Leigh was trying to figure out what to do with the excess eggs and viewed a show on TV called “How It’s Made”, and saw an ostrich egg being crafted into a jewelry box. Leigh then bought her first dremel and made the duck eggs into ring boxes. As her interest grew, she researched online for information about egg art and came across Pat Harding’s website, and from there, their friendship and egg art lessons began. Leigh is excited to be this election’s 1st Vice President and Editor of the IEAG magazine!