International Egg Art Guild

Judy Starr – Treasurer

Judy-Picture for BioIn 1988 Judy was given a decorated and cut goose egg, as a gift, from her boss’s mother. In 2001 she visited an Ostrich farm and was in awe of the egg artist’s work shop and eggs. Judy was hooked at that point and purchased her first drill. She then found out about The Eggery Place located near where she worked, so she purchased her supplies from Beverly Gaus and Linda Asbell and the friendship and guidance in egg art was started. She set up her first table at the Dallas Show in 2002, won a 2nd place ribbon on her carved diorama and sold a chicken egg, so then she was really hooked!

She and her husband John moved to Seymour, TX in 2003. As an accountant for over 45 years she decided to semi retire and work on her eggs which have taken over the house. Judy had heart and kidney failure in 2013, and though she isn’t at full capacity with her egg art yet, she is getting there. Now having completed cataract surgery on both eyes she can really see her creations and manage the treasurer duties for the IEAG.