International Egg Art Guild

Debbie Grassel – President

deb-grassel-ieag-guild-presidentLooking to find a good investment my husband (Steve) and I decided on raising Emus. Well we all know how long that lasted. We figured something could be done with the egg shells. We moved in 1998 to Paige, TX area to more of a country life style and I met Pat Harding. I cherish the friendship and the education she provides me in egg art. In 1999 I entered my first egg in the Master’s Program and am only one passing entry shy of completing my Master Of Egg Art. In 2004 I was the 1st Vice President and Regional Representative for Central US Master’s program. I served as IEAG President from 2005-2007, Past President and/or Co-Director Master’s Program 2007-2011. 2013-2015 I served as Treasurer. Now I begin my second term as President. I am totally retired from the work force but, create my own workload with my friends, passion for crafts and country living. I’m excited with the new IEAG board members and their compassion to make the IEAG grow and enhance the guild in any way we can. I look forward to bringing new ideas, communications with our members and serving as your president. Call or email me and let’s talk eggs!